Jia Ye, PhD

Jia represents the best of what can happen when you blend the thoughtful, careful, skeptical eye of an academic with the practical, goal-driven will of an entrepreneur.

Edgar Peters

“The most knowledgeable person I’ve ever met when it comes to truly understanding long-term market history,” one colleague says of Ed, an interesting view given his early career as a true quant’s quant, writing books on fractal analysis, chaos theory and complexity theory.

Dori Levanoni

Dori is a consummate communicator. With a deep and broad knowledge of the markets, and a physicist’s ability to boil complex issues down to their critical elements, Dori is a trusted source of advice both within and outside the company.

Max Darnell

Max’s thought-provoking style – carefully cultivating intellectual friction alongside truly constructive engagement – has made it possible for a group of talented, spirited individuals to come together and thrive as a team.

Jeppe Ladekarl

Colleagues describe Jeppe as a model of “constructive engagement,” always challenging himself and others to question assumptions and resist the easy answers, while working constructively with them to find the best solutions.