Relationship Management

Brian Rowe

With a consultative approach, Brian works to enhance value for institutional investors through meaningful and engaging relationships. His thoughtful, measured, and intelligent approach helps him develop trusted partnerships that are at the core of helping investors solve their investment needs. 

Andy Pellegrino

Andy’s knowledge and drive make him instrumental to First Quadrant's relationship management team. With over two decades of experience, he understands what it takes to foster trusted consultant relationships. 

Earl Kleckner

Earl’s extensive experience working with investors spans decades in various roles within client service and business development. Combined with a curious and open-minded nature, his insights are consistently sought after by his peers and colleagues, both inside and outside of the firm.

Susan Stannard

Clients appreciate working with someone who has sat in their seat before. Having previously held the role as head of investments at a Fortune 500 company, Susan understands very well the challenges and needs of our clients.

Lisa Limin

Excellent client service boils down to getting the details right. Lisa knows the ins and outs of our client service operations, having held roles that span accounting to back office and trading.