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November 2018
by First Quadrant Team
February 2018
by Ed Peters
June 2017
by Dori Levanoni and Paul Goldwhite
May 2017
by Ed Peters and Bruno Miranda
December 2016
by First Quadrant Team
October 2016
by Ben Collins and Scott Tilley
August 2015
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February 2015
by Paul Goldwhite and Jia Ye
February 2015
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December 2014
by Ed Peters and Dori Levanoni
November 2014
by Paul Goldwhite and Junyao Zhang
May 2014
by Ed Peters and Jesse Davis
March 2014
by Paul Goldwhite
February 2014
by Ed Peters
January 2014
by Jesse Davis and Ben Collins
January 2014
by Jeppe Ladekarl
September 2012
by Jeppe Ladekarl and Matthew Michelson, PhD


December 2017
by Ed Peters
Investment & Pensions Europe (IPE)
Investors worried about the next market downturn are searching for unique ways to diversify their portfolios,and risk parity, a risk-based multi-asset strategy,continues to be an area of interest. Yet, some potential investors remain concerned about the likelihood of rising interest rates and the impact of the higher exposures to bonds that can be found in some traditional risk parity portfolios.


December 2013
by Ed Peters

FTSE Global Markets
This publication provides an introduction to risk parity. It makes the argument that the “risk parity” concept at its core is not necessarily about leveraged bonds. The basic approach is that if assets have a low correlation to each other and similar expected returns, then the risk parity portfolio is optimal, or near optimal. So to explain the concepts behind risk parity, it dispenses with the terms “stocks,” “bonds” and “leverage” and goes back to the basic concepts.
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