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FQ Perspectives provide research and perspectives on relevant topics and new ideas.
Strategy Insights is how we share our ideas and outlook on First Quadrant’s (FQ) existing offerings.
Publications include published papers which offer an in-depth and academic view on various concepts.

For a complete listing of all of our publications, download our Bibliography and send us your request.

FQ Perspectives

June 1
by Max Darnell and Dori Levanoni
March 1
by Max Darnell and Mark Billings
November 1
by Max Darnell
February 1
by Andrew Berkin and Jia Ye
December 1
by Andrew Berkin
February 1
by Max Darnell and Lisa Plaxco
July 1
by Jia Ye and Robert Arnott
April 1
by Christopher Luck
March 1
by Robert Arnott, Andrew Berkin, and Jia Ye
February 1
by Robert Arnott, Andrew Berkin, and Jia Ye
October 1
by Dori Levanoni & Max Darnell
January 1
by Robert Arnott
March 1
by Bill Goodsall and Lisa Plaxco
January 1
by Todd Miller and Robert Arnott

Strategy Insights